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Efficiency and high standards are the keys to your success and ours.  If shipping freight is a large part of your business, your company probably faces rising costs across all your transportation logistics. In addition to the usual price increases in fuel and equipment costs, shippers face additional budget pressures from many different directions.


The consumer demand for ever-faster delivery times for everything from food to furniture echoes down the supply chain to force shippers to find new ways, and more budget, to keep their customers happy.


The web may have expanded your markets, but you need to find cost-effective ways to ship to them.


The boom in e-commerce, produced by both start-ups and the shift by bricks and mortar to online channels, means more competition to find transportation logistics solutions.
Minimizing costs is always a central focus for businesses. But the number and speed of recent cost increases for shippers can quickly put them in a competitive crunch. Their expenses have risen, but, with inflation still at relatively low levels, price increases may not be enough to offset them.
So keeping freight costs in check is both more important than ever and more difficult than ever. Whether you ship internationally, or locally, here are a few products TLCS has designed specially for the shippers and service providers like freight forwarders, shipping lines in B2C and B2B markets.
TLCS has created an online Trans E-Bid mobile products compatible for Android and IOs users for B2C and B2B markets, as in coming days tendering process will be more advantageous than approaching a service provider or a shipper with more business development costs.  TLCS aiming at reducing the business development costs of shippers, forwarders and shipping lines in order to provide a common online tool for interaction through tendering process. 

Advantages of Trans E-Bid mobile products

1.    Increases Compliance and Transparency
2.    Reduces Business Development Cost
3.    Immediate communication between shippers and carriers
4.    Saves time and improves efficiency
5.    Complete information with lead times
6.    Empowers shippers and carriers to gain the most out of freight tender process.
7.    Quick download from play store and apple store and easy to access online cloud website.
8.    Full 24x7 customer care support
9.    Extensive reporting

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