ocean freight shipping

In the present global scenario, customers themselves are clamoring for faster, more streamlined services that afford integrated, end-to-end logistics capabilities versus port-to-port offerings. Even the most loyal customers are now turning to providers that offer solutions designed to deliver deeper value along the supply chain.

The blueprint for success draws upon three key digital actions: develop new business models and offerings, digitalize core operations, and build a robust internal digital foundation. For Logistics organizations(3PL,Shipping,Freight Forwarding), the transformation model from order to delivery requires the following:


1. Identifying New Customers & Digital Lead management 

2. Shipping Freight through E-Bidding apps to unlock dynamic pricing

3.Order Booking through mobile apps

4.Connecting on the sailing schedules with the operators and tracking - Multimodal collaboration platform

5.Port Congestion and Space management

6. Equipment availability check

7.Customs Clearance & Documentation

8. Rental Warehouses - Conventional to Bonded 

9.Feedback mechanism from customers & improvements

10.Damage-free handling of Cargo

TLCS is a pioneer in carrying out research work on the supply chain from where the digital journey has to be started and what logical steps required, as always the customer expectations emphasize on the End to End Logistics productivity where TLCS will definitely deliver the advanced technology tools meets the customer expectations.


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