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Trans-E-Bid mobile application provides easiest and most dependable way to get your freight savings through E-Bidding.  It provides you ease to view your preferred freight quotation from the competitive freight forwarder.  This app allows you to filter your search criteria on shipping freight from multiple freight forwarders locally. It also provides many other parameters to ensure that you don’t spend much time to find your Quotes and also sales leads. The app provides you a tender validity date and time where the customer requirement will be fulfilled ONTIME without any delays. Also it provides you lead time in days where your shipment has to be picked up immediately after you sought a competitive rate from your service partner.  This app features you on the average of your freight quotations and also gives you more details about High and Low quotes with comparative analysis, so that the customers will be at ease to select the preferred service partner based on the comparative freight cost.  Customers are not required to compare the quotations received from the forwarders; the app gives you an auto comparison and allows you to choose without any delays in decision making.  Trans-E-Bid wouldn’t collect your requirements from the website and forward to the shipping agents, rather you need to upload your requirements directly ensuring Quotations from freight forwarders on or before tender validity date. Trans-E-Bid is the first online platform in the world which ensures a direct communication between a customer and a freight forwarder through online mode.
Why Trans-E-Bid:
# Improves your supply chain efficiency
# reducing lead times from pickup to delivery
# immediate decision making
# Auto comparison of Quotations from Freight forwarders
# High customer satisfaction
# Cost savings on Freight
# High data security & Privacy
# Direct access between Customers and Freight forwarders, no middlemen agencies.
# Free subscription to Customers
# Value for money to service providers
# Hassle free bidding
# Transparency in pricing.
# Troubleshooting support from technical team


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